Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Investment in mutual funds and listed equities can be as low as PKR 500.

Hilal Invest does not hold any cash, all payments are directly sent to the intended SECP listed investment houses (Asset Management Companies).

A Silver (Sahulat Sarmayakari) account holder can invest up to; PKR 400,000 daily, PKR 800,000 per year, and PKR 10,00,000 cumulative. However, a Gold (Sarmayakari) account holder has no limit for maximum investment.

Asset Management Companies do not provide a guaranteed return like bank fixed deposits, bonds and government securities. The returns are directly related to the performance of the underlying assets. All investments are subject to various risks which include, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, etc. There is no protection against potential losses that occur due to market risk. There is no insurance or other protection mechanism in place.

Backward pricing uses the last computed Net Asset Value (NAV) for issuance and redemption of units in a mutual fund. With the forward pricing mechanism, fund prices based on the same day as NAVs are applicable to the unit transactions for the day. For example, if you submit a request for redemption of units on May 5, the NAV that will be applied to your transaction will be of May 5 (that is the same day), calculated and announced at day end of May 5. It is mandatory for all mutual funds, except money-market funds, to adopt forward pricing mechanism.

Yes, non-resident Pakistanis can also invest.

All payments are made through your bank account to the mutual fund’s bank account i.e., IBFT.

The investor receives a statement of account by Hilal Invest and the Asset Management Companies they have invested in. Unit certificates are only issued upon request by the investor by completing a prescribed application form and paying a fee.

You can convert to any investment scheme within the same Asset Management Company. You can use the Convert function in the Hilal Invest app.

Investors can download the statement from Hilal Invest mobile application. Furthermore, as required by the regulations, Asset Management Companies must send an investment account statement to each investor on the registered mailing address or email provided by the investor at least once in a year or as and when required.

We do not accept any cash transactions. All investments are to be made through banking channels.

Investors should approach Hilal Invest through our email address or WhatsApp us at 03367773094 with their complaints. Furthermore, SECP has also established a service desk on its website where the investors can file their complaints online or can write to SECP.

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw or select entire amount and click submit. The redemption will be processed within 2 to 5 working days and will be credited to your registered bank account.

You need a bank account to make withdrawals / redemptions. You can invest using microfinance and digital wallets.

Users can request their account to be deleted by emailing on from their registered email addresses. Our support team will reach out to you for confirmation and account will be deleted.

The Hilal Invest team can only delete account information from our database - If account opening requests have been sent to AMCs, such accounts cannot be deleted, as their information has already been processed by the AMCs.